• ground zero

    I don't want to be here. nobody wants to be here. they have to be here. why is that? god only knows. well, I'm not gonna ask him. I don't think you'd like his answer anyway.

  • ghost rider

    how do you like your new ride, boss? sweet, ain't it? paulie, I said get me something inconspicuous. did you hear me say that? in-con-spic-u-ous. don't you know what that means? sure I do, boss. it means 'big, red and flashy,' right? just like everything…

  • martha

    comfy? yes, very. me too. I thought so.

  • je me souviens de dien bien phu

    that's where we gotta go. I don't see it. where is it? it's out there. and we gotta go now. just you and me? well, there ain't nobody else here, is there? yeah, but why us? it looks far. it'll be a snap, you'll see. just don't get too near the edge. what?…

  • life is a beach

    lord, are you busy? well, archangel, I'm trying to relax on the beach. yes, lord. I just wondered if you need anything. hmm. how about a nice corned beef sandwich, on rye? certainly, lord. with a dill pickle, please. of course. man, I love dilll pickles.…

  • the life

    tan lines on cool sheets. what could be better? a long island iced tea, maybe? coming right up.

  • freedom of choice

    you seen a bunny come by here? sure haven't, man. not many bunnies in this place. this one's special. would have to be, to wanna hang around here. he thinks for himself. it's how he was raised. by you? no way. he taught me everything I know. I guess he is…

  • carpe diem

    I keep thinking we're going the wrong way. what, you don't think I know how to get there? well, we've been walking a long time. so? and you said it wasn't far. well then, why don't you just wait here for the bus. I think I will. can I borrow the fare?

  • opportunity

    hey, buddy. can you spare a buck? I can't believe it. you're panhandling on the beach? well, I can't swim, so I gotta stop here. but we're trying to enjoy this sunset. yeah, me too. and I'd enjoy it alot more for a buck.

  • signal

    ok, there's the signal. commence the assault. what signal? I don't see any signal. well I see it, and that's all that matters. oh, I get it. this is all about you, right? I'll pretend I didn't hear that, soldier. whatever.

  • angel

    have we met before? I don't recall being introduced. oh hell, got a cigarette? I'm out of smokes. I can see that this day is going to be weird. is that an issue? not with me it isn't.

  • sensory deprivation

    watch our backs. there's nobody here, man. they're here, all right. I can feel it. what if they catch us? too horrible to consider. they're that bad? hey, they're not human, remember? where do they come from? don't know. but their tentacles give me the cr…

  • along for the ride

    got a light? thought you'd never ask. what, are you shy? not around you, I'm not.

  • gulag

    we've gotta get him out of there. yeah, but how? the place is a fortress. he's been in there so long, they could have done anything to him by now. it's a monument to man's inhumanity to man. no shit. but they make the best chocolate pies. he did ask for o…

  • odd couple

    ok dog, I followed you out here. now what? hey man, you're supposed to be the smart one. you tell me. are there any birds around here? I don't know! I'm a tourist here, just like you. just great. is it my turn to play with the boom stick? grow some finge…

  • What We Think is What We See (I Think)

    what's up man? I'm reading. yeah? who? Wallace Stevens. 'let us build the building of light' he didn't write that. of course he did. nah. I think it sounds more like prince. you would.

  • marooned on a strange planet

    scout team one calling base. I read you, scout team. what is it? we have a problem. we're stuck on this planet, and don't know how to get off. what do you mean? just beam up like usual. yeah, well, we'd love to, but we sort of lost our device. whaddya me…

  • this is the place

    now, where did you say you saw this, young lady? right there, officer. I saw it. and what exactly did you see? ooh, it was gigantic. and fast. and that poor swimmer. . . there was a swimmer? yes, and he had no chance. the thing was huge. what happened to…

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