• time machine

    lord, may I interrupt? what is it now, archangel? I just thought you'd like to go for a ride. excuse me? yeah, in my new chariot. you still collecting those things? oh yes. and this one is extra special, lord. how so? check it out. it's red, and it's fast…

  • Ghost Rider

    how do you like your new ride, boss? sweet, ain't it? paulie, I said get me something inconspicuous. did you hear me say that? in-con-spic-u-ous. don't you know what that means? sure I do, boss. it means 'big, red and flashy,' right? just like everything…

  • chick magnet, retired

    get in. why? where we going? don't worry about it. just get in. maybe I don't wanna get in. trust me. you do. you really do. give me a hint. see that back seat? ever see one that sweet before? hmmm. I see what you're saying. so? so, what are we waiting fo…

  • chariot

    this is the getaway car? this? yes indeed. it's perfect. you gonna drive it, and the loot too? absolutely. what about me? you get your own ride. how come? because there's only room for me and the loot in here. that's how come. something about that doesn't…

  • shouldn't have sold it

    what station is this? the music sucks. do you mind? I'm driving. don't forget to take a left up ahead. I can see that, thank you. we are on a race track, you know. yeah, and don't you think you're driving a little too fast?

  • body snatchers

    they're all loaded. good. hit the road. we've got a lot of deliveries tonight. yeah. fresh pods. for fresh humans. they'll never know what happened. right. they're asleep. asleep and unaware. ok, get going. we still have work to do. by next week, this pla…

  • bringing the heat

    get in. where we goin'? never mind, just be ready. the boss wants us. yeah, what for? he's got a job for us to do. what kind of job? all he said was, bring heat. my kind of job.

  • gangster

    bugsy siegel! what about him? he invented las vegas. why you tellin' me that? because in this line of work you gotta know your history. yeah? sez who? the boss is who. you got a problem with that? no. no problem. good.

  • dragster

    it's a beautiful night, edna. let's go for a drive. oh, stanley, you are so romantic. romantic? I just want to try out my new ride. oh. your ride. which will look so much better with you in it, of course. oh, stanley. let's go girl.

  • my other car

    dad, can I take the car? which one? 23. take it where? well, I'm going out with roxanne. oh? there's only room for one. and where will she sit? on me, of course. ask your mother.

  • caught in the act

    I told you to get those brakes checked. but did you? nooooo. you think you're so smart. sorry, boss. well this is a fine mess you got us into.

  • bank job

    I need wheels. something inconspicuous, but very fast. I've got just the thing for you. ok, good, because I do not want to be noticed. at all. you got nothing to worry about. trust me. ok. deliver it to the bank at 4:00 sharp. where will you be? I'll be r…

  • don't look now, but they're gaining on us

    uh oh. what's the matter? their's something back there. what is it? I dunno, but I think you better speed up.

  • rare exports

    that's him. him? you sure? he seems so. . . I dunno, small. that's because you're up on a roof, you dope. the guy's huge. oh. yeah. so now what? he'll be in there an hour. when we get the signal from joey, we make our move and grab the truck. what's the s…

  • right of way

    hey! did you see that? that jerk almost ran over my toe! yeah. damn kids these days. got no respect. it's like they think the street is their own private race track! sucks, don't it.

  • weekend car

    sweetie, I'm going to the store. do you need anything? no thanks, hon. ok. well, I'm just going to take the, you know, other car. oh, I see. well try to keep it under 140 in the parking lot. yeah, sure. no problem.

  • chick magnet, retired v.2

    she and I can both say the same thing. what's that? some things just don't work like they used to, anymore. ain't that the truth.

  • commute

    mind if I stop at starbucks? I need coffee. geez, we're already late for the meeting. don't worry. Jenkins can cover it. guess what. we just passed Jenkins, at the bus stop. damn! ok, we'll hit the donut shop instead. shorter lines. gun it.

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