Posted on 03/27/2009

Photo taken on March 25, 2009

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Photo replaced on October 16, 2014
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vision nocturn



did you feel that?
no, what?
tectonic plates. we're moving. heading north. arctic circle, here we come.
say what?
it's continental drift. those plates never stop moving.
dude. it took like 500 million years for new york to get here from scotland or wherever.
yeah? so?
so it will be a long time before we're canadians.
but I can feel it!
moron, you're standing on a subway grate.
I am? oh.
you want to grab a train and head up town?
closer to canada?
for sure.

Steve Bucknell, ColRam, MAT le monde magique de l'image numérique, roka have particularly liked this photo

8 comments - The latest ones
-I feel it!
-continental drift describes my inner movement in relation to men
8 years ago.
honeyj has replied to Duolith
and mine in relation to. .
you know
8 years ago.
MAT le monde magique de l'image numérique
MAT le monde magique…
Excellent night shot !
8 years ago.
superbe scene de la vie nocturne
8 years ago.
...and which play is moving in which direction?
7 years ago.
honeyj has replied to Matzefatze
I don't know
but I get the feeling
that one of these days,
you and I could be neighbors ;-)
7 years ago.
Steve Bucknell
Steve Bucknell
Are we there yet?
3 weeks ago.
honeyj has replied to Steve Bucknell
but we're getting closer.
to oblivion, that is.
3 weeks ago.