Posted on 05/12/2008

Photo taken on February  5, 2006

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careful he don't spot you
don't worry. he ain't gonna see me
where's tony?
in the car. I got him on the 2-way
soon as the driver is in the warehouse, tell tony to move
not a problem. just keep me covered
we're gonna get that cargo, and no one will be the wiser
I was wondering, though. why'd you pick tony?
why not? he's the most dependable guy I got
can't drive though
he can't drive?
never learned. so how's he gonna drive that rig?
can you drive it?
yeah, but I'm up on this roof. there's no time
you wanna fly down?
uh, no, not really
then you better haul ass and get down there
but I don't have my drivers license
pray you don't need it
I'm praying. all the way
I hope somebody's listening
you and me both

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rare exports

rare exports 

wonderful capture,
simple and so interesting ^^
6 years ago.
Armin Fuchs
Armin Fuchs
like it!
5 years ago.
Wirklich schön!! TOP!!
4 years ago.
honeyj has replied to Ambipur
4 years ago.