Posted on 04/20/2008

Photo taken on April 20, 1972

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secret mutant experimental lab

secret mutant experimental lab
master, I think we've been spotted.
what? impossible! I've taken every precaution.
perhaps, master, yet. . .
out with it, igor!
well, remember when we moved here from new jersey? and you wanted someplace secluded, surrounded by beautiful trees?
well, master. it's these windows.
what windows?
master, it's a greenhouse! anybody can see in!
we failed to take that into account, I'm afraid, along with the fact that we happen to be in the middle of a rather large city .a most unfortunate by-product of clear glass.
how did that happen?
strange, isn't it? but now the press has been calling for you day and night.
it has? and what have you told them?
oh nothing, master. but your interview is set for tomorrow.
interview? heavens! you better make me an appointment with my stylist.
of course. in the meantime, shall I prepare the next human subject?
by all means! that's what we do, isn't it?
indeed, master. I'll just ask the gawkers at the windows to, you know, move along.
good idea. see if any would like to, you know, volunteer. we're running low on corpses. I mean, subjects.
yes, master.