Posted on 03/30/2013

Photo taken on March 30, 2013

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one life

one life
lord, a moment?
what's up, archangel?
the age-old dilemma, lord. the pain of living.
you're feeling pain, archangel?
no lord. your humans. life is hard for them.
it should be. they screwed up their world. they pay for it.
is there nothing you can do for them?
well, for a start, they can stop wasting time expecting eternal life.
but that fiction gives them hope.
too bad. they should do something constructive besides praying for salvation. ain't gonna happen.
then what is the purpose of life, lord?
purpose? find a girl. or boy of course. fall in love. be productive.
too bad the bible doesn't tell them that.
the bible? pulp fiction. entertaining trash.
but you wrote it, right?
me? no way. I paid a guy named murray to do it.
I let him keep the movie rights. what did I need them for?
big of you, lord.
hey, that's how I roll.

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9 comments - The latest ones
I have no idea what does it say, but it is impressive ! This text radio - also I like, well God talk sense... ;-)
5 years ago.
honeyj has replied to Belleuse
I'll tell him you said so ;-)
5 years ago.
Belleuse has replied to honeyj
sure to do it ! It's very nice of you, you have my gratitude ! :-)
5 years ago.
honeyj has replied to Belleuse
that's what friends are for, right?
5 years ago.
Belleuse has replied to honeyj
I agree with you in 100% ! dziekuję ! :-)
5 years ago. Edited 5 years ago.
honeyj has replied to Belleuse
Powiedziałem, że to są przyjaciele, dziewczyny. można na nim polegać.
5 years ago.
Belleuse has replied to honeyj
ok, ok, you can now withdraw it ! Good night (for me ...) ;-))))
5 years ago.
Erika Akire
Erika Akire
...great discovery...
18 months ago.
honeyj has replied to Erika Akire
you don't think I wrote it?
I don't blame you ;-)
18 months ago.