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light and shadow light and shadow

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Photo replaced on March  3, 2017
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in this life

in this life
it's near the end of another year on earth, lord.
yes, archangel. humans and their odd obsession with time. they should learn what's truly important.
it's very disappointing, lord.
what do you expect? they're only human, after all.
now they want armed guards in the schools? to protect the children from being shot to death? it just makes me want to . . . weep. I guess.
a violent race, they are. lacking a certain humility as to their own mortality, among other things. they'll pay a heavy price for that.
some of them already are, lord.
if they don't learn, they'll go down in flames.
not like your other worlds lord.
humans are becoming less interesting to me.
despite their proclamations about your love for them?
exactly. they've been conned.
well, happy new year anyway, lord.
and to the few humans with any common sense.
yes, happy new year to them too.
while they last, archangel. while they last.

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Great atmosphere
6 years ago.
-I would lash my horse back there,
-whilst doing outback outfit
6 years ago.
honeyj club has replied to Duolith
careful how you use that lash.
could cause scars.
only physical ones, of course.
not the emotional kind
that I have to live with.
6 years ago.
Duolith has replied to honeyj club
-you're doing well :)
6 years ago.
honeyj club has replied to Duolith
yes, thanks to the wonders
of chemistry.
6 years ago.

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