Posted on 07/26/2011

Photo taken on July 23, 2011

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informed consent

informed consent
how are your experiments coming, herr doktor?
excellent, my boy. I've finally perfected the formula.
wow, that's great, doktor! what's next?
I need a human subject to complete the tests.
where are we going to find one?
I already have, my boy. he he.
oh? who is it?
just sit over here, please, and roll up your sleeve.
ok. are you checking my blood pressure?
what? oh, yes. yes, your blood pressure. ha ha.
doktor, that looks like a syringe. am I getting an injection?
yes, yes. now hold still. there. now we wait.
wait for what, doktor?
to see if the formula takes effect.
the formula? you just injected it into me?
yes yes. now be quiet while I monitor the results.
but what's it going to do? am I going to die?
die? no no, my boy. you won't die. far from it.
oh, that's a relief.
no, you'll be walking on 6 legs, but you won't die.
6 legs? are you shitting me?
unless of course you start to breed other cockroaches.
cock. . .
then I'll have to exterminate you. naturally.
can't have a bug-infested laboratory, now can I?
no, you can't. . . I guess.
after all, there's the scientific method to consider isn't there?
yes, of course.

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fantastic, this crying spaceship.........
6 years ago.
honeyj has replied to Berny
yes, it's crying
because it doesn't want to clean its room.
a very messy spaceship.
6 years ago.
excellent B&W
6 years ago.
honeyj has replied to Chris
merci, kriss
6 years ago.
-you know how to live
-shower and spa bath as one :-o

-greetings out of my washtub
6 years ago.
honeyj has replied to Duolith
living the dream.
not my dream, maybe.
but who's complaining.
6 years ago.
Sadie Mack
Sadie Mack
What A Visual !!!!!
5 years ago.
honeyj has replied to Sadie Mack
thanks, sadie
5 years ago.