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Photo taken on July  2, 2011

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bomb shelter blues

bomb shelter blues
what's that loud noise, stanley?
that's the air raid siren, edna. we have to take cover.
cover? from what, stanley?
it could be the russians, launching world war III.
are you serious? this isn't 1960 anymore.
thermo-nuclear war is not a joke, edna.
but stanley! the russians? really?
we have to get to the bomb shelter right now.
bomb shelter? what bomb shelter?
the one in the back yard.
there's no bomb shelter in the back yard, stanley.
I had it built the last time you visited your mother.
you did? but why?
because I want the human race to survive, that's why.
survive? nuclear war? stanley! are you off your meds again?
well, yes. but the threat is real.
there's no nuclear war, stanley.
well, let's go into the shelter anyway.
for what reason?
it's got stereo. I'll put on some dylan. and we can cuddle.
just like we did in the 60s?
you'll always be my hippie chick, edna.
bombs away, stanley.

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