Posted on 03/29/2011

Photo taken on March 27, 2011

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lord? a moment?
good morning, archangel. what is it?
it's the libraries lord. they're closing them.
what do you mean, closing them? they're full of books.
yes, lord. it's to save money, they say.
they think they can get by without reading?
yes, well, they prefer other forms of communication.
such as?
well, mostly using facebook.
that abomination? while our libraries close?
it is worrisome, lord, isn't it.
more than that. I'm about to be very peeved.
I'm sure they'll realize their error.
I'm not so certain. facebook, eh?
what are you thinking, lord?
of a remedy I used in the good book.
yes, the good book. it never gets old, does it.
that's the thing about books. it's something they appear to have forgotten.
what will you do, lord?
look up 'virtual flood' for me, archangel.
virtual. . . oh, I see. interesting plan, lord.
no ark to save them, this time. arks are so. . . yesterday.
truly, lord.

DIVINE ENFANT has particularly liked this photo

-with a book on the face,
- just shemes of the light of wisdom are to be seen
-I've proved this

-let's keep the right distance
6 years ago.
honeyj has replied to Duolith
you are the wise one.

at least that's what mom said.
6 years ago.