Posted on 03/15/2011

Photo taken on June  5, 2008

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union shop

union shop
the committee vote is today. be there.
I'm going for collective bargaining. all the way.
they'll try and smash us you know.
that's what management always does to the workers.
but they won't get away with it this time, right?
right. we stand together, no matter how many goons they bring. right?
right. solidarity forever.
good. now break out the axe handles. we'll need them.
to bargain at the table?
it's a tough crowd. can't be too careful.

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not so much.
here's a peek inside:
invasion force death ray depot
8 years ago.
gracias, jano
I use a secret recipe,
developed after many years
of intense monastic, scholarly study.
of women, mostly.

but, hey,
that's just me. . .
8 years ago.
Duolith has replied to honeyj
-that's how you get specialized in facades
-...and now, you're great
8 years ago.
honeyj has replied to Duolith
are you saying I'm all surface?
and no substance?

you wouldn't say that, would you?

even if it's true?
8 years ago.
Duolith has replied to honeyj
-that's not what I've said
-but I would...ähhhm probably
-even if it's true

-that's what siblings are good for ;-)
8 years ago.
honeyj has replied to Duolith
I admire your honesty.
a family trait that (of course) I share.
I sometimes wish though,
that you weren't so public about it.
8 years ago.
Arnd Butoh
Arnd Butoh
Wonderful image. I could hardly believe such painting to appear in real life! Great work!
8 years ago.
honeyj has replied to Arnd Butoh
that's the only kind of life
we have around here:
the real kind. ;-)
8 years ago.