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  • my version of japanese exclusive enchanted evening

  • hot pink enchanted evening close-up

  • barbie in japan pic of hot pink enchanted evening

  • Rerooted Midge and Ken

  • Reroored Midge and Ken

    Made over Midge as a cheerleader

  • Midge and Ken in front of my High School ( a pic from the 1960's)

    Just to clarify, I graduated in the 1980's, lol. I couldn't resist putting them in front of a pic of my HS though. She reminds me of the cheerleader all the girls were envious of.

  • Color Magic Reroot in "Lunch on the Terrace"

  • Color Magic Reroot

  • My Color Magic Reroot & Acrylic paint touch up

  • my color magic and Francie

  • Color magic w/Francie in Victorian Wedding

  • Color Magic looking at Julia's peignoir

    I got this pretty Barbie with some diorama things I purchased on Ebay

  • bride 2

  • bride

    This is not my restoration work, but a favorite doll of mine wearing Barbie's first wedding dress "Wedding Day Set". She has repro jewelry and bouquet.

  • roman holiday back

    Her pony tail is my reroot job.

  • roman holiday

    This is a #4 or 5, in a real "Roman Holiday" except for her necklace, earrings, and hat. It took me a long time to find the parts at reasonable prices. Really $500? I don't think so. I still need to retouch her lips more. Her hair needed rerooted, but…

  • mood for music 2

  • mood for music

    Our sales girl, was a Barbie/Midge body I purchased from Ebay...they included her head, which I wasn't expecting and she had this beautiful face with 2 green ears. I could almost see a teardrop coming from her eye as I was about to discard her. Several…

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