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  • Keep Smiling...

  • Why so serious?

  • Are you the gatekeeper?

    A drawing on one of the gate doors of Beomeosa temple.

  • Guardian

    One of four guardian figures in Beomeosa temple.

  • Buddha Statue II

    Inside Beomeosa temple.

  • Buddha Statue I

    Inside Beomeosa temple.

  • Temple Hall

    Inside Beomeosa temple.

  • Open Doors

    Inside Beomeosa temple.

  • Angel

    Just fooling around with this installation on the roof of Lotte Mall in Busan.

  • Stairway from Heaven

    Shot from above the cable car station of Donam-Dong southwest of Busan.

  • Busan Harbour Bridge

    Driving up the corkscrew ramp towards Busan Harbour Bridge is quite a ride. If you're offered a chance to cross this bridge, take it!

  • Vertigo

    Inside Yeongdo Lighthouse

  • By the Sea

  • By the Sea

    This place can be found at Yeongdo Lighthouse south of Busan and is famous both as a tourist spot and as a place to commit suicide. I'm not kidding. Actually this place was and is such a hotspot for suicidal persons that the officals erected a statue near…

  • Nightlife

    A scene from a night markt in Busan.

  • Call me!

    These two phones were hanging at a wall in Nampo Station, Busan. They look like they saw a lot of use which is strange since literally everybody in Korea has a smartphone. Koreans love their smartphones, use them all the time and are seemingly born with t…

  • Jagalchi Market

    Inside Jagalchi Market in Busan. The guy crouching on the left was yelling at me. I don't know what he was saying, but i concluded that I had overstayed my welcome and left right after taking this picture. :-)

  • Admiral Yi Sun-sin

    The statue of famous Admiral Yi Sun-sin in Yongdusan Park, Busan. Yi Sun-sin is considerd to be the greatest naval commander in history on par with Admiral Nelson. Statues and shrines erected in his honour can be found everywhere in Korea.

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