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Rencontre au sommet



BUK - antiaircraft missile complex, BTR-82A - armored troop-carrier, MSTA - self-propelled gun. photo taken during a night training parade in Moscow.


evening Moscow

Famous Kremlin embankment. Throughout history, the embankment was reconstructed several times. In the 18th century, the embankment was covered with logs. Unfortunately, it did not help the flood, and it was decided to release from the waterfront buildings. According to the draft M. Kazakov, on the waterfront arranged through travel and beach stones strengthened. In 1936, the backup wall embankment made obliquely stoned and granite. In the same year acquired embankment current form, it landed on the set of t…

Bleu porte bonheur ;-)

Sud de France -Roussillon -Illes sur têt

Raindrops and raindrop

Du monde en piste

LMP1,LMP2,GT PRO,GT AM; sont les quatre catégories de voitures engagées au 24 H du MANS 20014

Le pèlerinage d'El Rocío

le pèlerinage d'El Rocío est le plus célèbre , attirant près d'un million de personnes de partout Andalousie et l'ensemble du pays, (se terminant le lundi de Pentecôte)
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