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  • Numina

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  • Best of 2013

    I wish you all very beautiful Christmas and new Year holidays and a promising year 2014. Thanks to all for your support and your interest and quite particularly in the numerous voluntary or involuntary models which trusted me in this incredible past year.…

  • Lincoln Cathedral

    This is one of the finest Gothic buildings in Europe. The west front incorporates the first part of the surviving Romanesque cathedral from 1072. LINCOLN is an historic city, with many reminders of the past, with this grand Norman Cathedral dominating the…

  • DSC 0024 5 6 tonemapped 466REDIM

  • a little shop!

  • Caroline & the Treats

    Caroline på Musikkfest Oslo 2012
    By askyog

  • Margaret RIver

  • Autumn on the Alps.

    Wishing you a most beautiful new coming week! love.

  • Powis Castle

    Powis Castle is a medieval castle near Welshpool, originally built as a fortress and later modified by generations of Herberts and Clives the Clive museum houses a beautiful collection of treasures from India

  • les flaneries de Martigues ...

  • les flaneries de Martigues ...

  • Bat outfit