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  • Sarah kittens 2012

    Nine kittens being raised by mother cat Sarah Palin. 4 of the kittens are adopted.

  • Goats 2012

    Mother cat Sarah Palin with her kittens.

  • ChachamaruKitten

    Katniss, kitten of Chachamaru, one of a litter of 3. Born 2012.

  • Cats 2012

    Myfanwy, born in 2011, sister of Gwen and Kitten Jack.

  • Sarah kittens 2012 001

    This kitten was escaping from the kitten basket and so I shamed her by putting up a video of her on the internet and she stopped escaping.

  • vatican-flag

    Vatican flag, also an emblem/icon of the Latin language.

  • Sarah kittens 2012 001

    Sarah's kitten that escaped the basket and threw a fit because I was holding her.

  • verdarano

  • Taliesin Oct2010

    Fawn Shetland ram lamb, Taliesin.

  • Takgu Oct2010

    3/4 White Dorper ram lamb, Takgu.

  • Robert Emery Oct2010

    Ram Robert Emery as an adult.

  • Robert Emery and Rhys Oct2010

  • Rei, Rhys and Robert Emery Oct2010

  • Nerys Oct2010

    Nerys needs a haircut!

  • Nadezhda Oct2010

    Nadezhda, moorit Shetland ewe.

  • Myeongwol Oct2010

    Myeongwol, 1/2 White Dorper ewe.

  • Hay feeder Oct2010 002

    A hay feeder built from stock panels.

  • Harry Oct2010

    Harry, purebred White Dorper ram. He's very friendly when I go into the ram field.

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