• Seaside escape.

    Pretty excited...I've a few days off work & decide to escape the city for the East Coast of Yorkshire...never been before...WHY? Taking the train from Manchester-Piccadilly, I'm a bit nervous too as I'm on my own!....Arrive in Scarborough before lunch, I…

  • Grand Hotel.

    This massive Victorian structure dominates Scarborough, it was designed by Yorkshire architect Cuthbert Brodrick, his other colossal masterwork is Leeds Town Hall.

  • Baywatch 1.

  • Scarborough Castle & meadow

    This is above a large seaside resort, yet it has a bleak, lonely atmosphere.

  • Scarborough Castle.

  • Scarborough Castle.

    Not really tons to see here.

  • Appreciate the warning!!

  • Yikes! End of the path......

  • Baywatch 2.

    On towards the parish church....

  • Scarborough Spa.

    Or Eastern European Railway station?

  • Still no sun!

  • Anne Bronte's grave.

    Anne died at 29 on a visit to Scarborough & the only Bronte not buried at Haworth. Her resting place is a graveyard just across the road from St. Mary's Church.

  • Forgotten,unloved.

    I thought this building had an Eastern European feel too, not sure what it was but the sign reads 'SUN BATHING'.

  • Seaview.

    These trees caught my eye , walking through Scarborough's Italian Gardens.

  • Looking down towards 'Baytown'.

    From the Victorian part of Robin Hoods Bay.Its a bit of a hike but I'm told there is a cafe on the way down that does a mean bacon buttie....

  • Wesley Cottage, through an arch.

  • Robin Hoods Gull.

  • Yellow door.

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