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The "Bolero-Class" Knockabout Sloop (At Crows Nest)

The "Bolero-Class" Knockabout Sloop (At Crows Nest)
I think, someone who sails in SL, has something in mind, when he or she buys a boat.
For me, it was a ship that could carry me and my wife exploring around SL`s waters, and also be manageable alone.... so it needs comfy space for two, not too fast, maybe a cabin with some cuddles, great look, and handle well... oh and im no fan of attachment-ships (ever tried to moor them in your parcel.. well if you have 250-300 Prims over...but otherwise?) so around 30 Prims. Good Luck!

My first boat was a Truderau Rozinante, and she made me love Sailing in SL. Albeit with her 3 Sails she was kind of hard to handle for a novice, also she had a small attachment, but a usable cabin.
2 other boats, a Trudeau 20, and a Trudeau Knockabout followed, in search for "the perfect boat".

My wife kindly suggested i am mad, buying more than one, till i explained her, that those boats indeed handle diffrent... love you baby :)

After circling Balduin Aabye`s creations for a while, i finally decided to try more than the Cottom Blossom Demo... i brought a "Bolero"... Okay the boat is brand new, 1-2 months old, but had it existed earlier, i would not have brought 2 of my other boats, for sure.

I think i found my boat. She handles well (feels like wavedancing, still no racer but a cruising ship), without Hud attachments (That wind vane is such a great idea), she looks sleek and well-colored (some other boats look, how to say, so colorful), good speed (got her to 9 knots with appropiate winds), a Spinnaker (always wanted one), she has a cabin, a lot of sit, rest, sleep, kiss, sunbath poses, One can even jump to water from her aft deck, and she can carry 3 (no, its not a Foto Studio on water, but still, i think its just great for us).
Theres even has a switchable cabin light, and inside the Box one finds a Model for the home, and a "on Trailer" version, as decoration (with own poses)
Balduin, thank you for this boat.

Only missing on the Maiden Voyage was my lovely Mari...