Andy McGeechan

Andy McGeechan

Posted on 12/30/2013

Photo taken on December 10, 2013

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Model of HMS Coventry (F98) flight deck.

Model of HMS Coventry (F98)  flight deck.
Model of HMS Coventry (F98) which served between 1988 and 2002.
"CV" helps to identify her to the Lynx helicopter crew before they land on, coincidentally, it is also the city's postal code.
The object within the yellow circle is the Sea Wolf anti aircraft missile launcher, a similarly armed ship (HMS Broadsword F88) tried to save the previous Coventry (D118) during the Falklands War of 1982 by firing these missiles (in a last ditch attempt) at attacking Skyhawks of the Argentine Air force, unfortunately a safety device interrupted launch as Coventry had sailed across the Sea Wolfs firing line, having successfully downed one aircraft, she (Coventry) was unable to fire a second round of the much longer ranged Sea Dart missiles as the computer would not select new targets till the old ones had disappeared off the radar screen (software redesigned soon after the war) and so the second wave of bombs struck home killing 21 crew and causing the Destroyer to capsize.
This Frigate was originally to be christened "Boadicea" but was renamed whilst under construction.
Subsequently sold to Romania where she serves as "Regele Ferdinand" (F221)
The model is currently on display in the reception of Coventry Council House.

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Interesting picture and commentary Andy, great stuff.
5 years ago.