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Black Swan Terrace Coventry (1455)

119-123 Upper Spon Street where built by St Mary's Priory as six cottages over some existing structures. Surviving the Dissolution they passed eventually into the Mercers Company - a trade guild - then into private hands by the late 16th century. Rows of small terraces where built behind 119 & 120, accessed through innocuous doors (1st and 3rd from the left) they make quite a startling sight being wee streets in their own right. Most of the people worked as Silk Weavers and when that trade declined they wo…

Georgian Coventry

This is Warwick Row bathed in Winter sunshine. For a long time it lay outside the city walls with housing spreading along it until the English Civil War when, in 1642, everything leading up to the wall was torn down to stop Royalist snipers taking pot-shots at this Parliamentary stronghold. It took some time for the vacated land rights to be resolved and it was not until 1742 that the area became ripe for development once again. The first four houses visible are 29-28-27 and 26 (the taller one) which appear…

Coventry Registry Office (13th-15th C restored 20th C)

Originally the Gatehouse to Cheylesmore Manor which dates from the 13th century it was much altered during the 14th and 15th centuries, what was left finally being restored between 1968 and 1972. Built by the Earls of Chester it passed to Queen Isabella wife of King Edward II then onto her Grandson Edward The Black Prince in 1338. The City Motto "Camera Principes" meaning a chamber fit for a prince comes from this association.

Guards Division Memorial London (1926)

Designed by H Charlton Bradshaw with five life-size bronze figures representing the Foot Guards Regiments (Grenadiers, Coldstream, Scots, Welsh and Irish) by Gilbert Ledward. The inscription is by Rudyard Kipling. Ernest Gillick was the Letter cutter / Engraver. Listed Grade II in 1970 it was promoted to Grade I in October 2014, three months after this photo was taken

July 22, 2014

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Buckingham Palace, East Wing facade (Edward Blore 1847 remodeled by Aston Webb 1913)

Take some time to go full screen and just look around this famous facade as this angle allows one to see things in great detail.

DC-6A G-APSA at Coventry Airport 12/09/2015

A video frame grab from a Canon XF100

Supermoon eclipse Beginning

Supermoon eclipse middle

Supermoon eclipse towards the end

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