Oldt1mer - Keith

Oldt1mer - Keith

Posted on 06/12/2017

Photo taken on April  3, 2017


Cordofan Pea
Blue Pea
Bluebell Vine
Asian Pigeonwings
Butterfly Pea
Clitoria ternatea
Dominican Republic
Darwin Pea

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Butterfly Pea - Clitoria ternatea

Butterfly Pea - Clitoria ternatea
This is the beautiful flower of the Butterfly Pea - Clitoria ternatea - which is also known as Asian Pigeonwings, Bluebell Vine, Blue Pea, Cordofan Pea and Darwin Pea. It was given its latin name because the unusual flowers of this plant were seen to have the shape of human female genitals, hence the genus Clitoria. Native to tropical equatorial Asia (Indonesia and Malaysia), it has been introduced to Africa, Australia and America. It is a perennial herbaceous plant with elliptic leaves and grows as a vine or creeper, doing well in moist, neutral soil. The most striking feature about this plant is the colour of its flowers, a vivid deep blue with white or light yellow markings. They are about 4 cm (1.6 in) long by 3 cm (1.2 in) wide. Some varieties yield white flowers. The flowers are edible and are used as a natural food colouring. This one was found growing (wild or cultivated, I do not know) on some land near our hotel in the Dominican Republic.

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