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Camera: SONY NEX-6
Exposure:0.0005 sec. (1/2000)
Focal Length:0.0 mm
Flash:Off, Did not fire
Exposure mode:Program AE
Max Aperture:1.0
Resolution:350 x 350 dpi
Dimension:4912 x 3264 pixels
Compression:1 bits/pixels
Original Date:2014:03:23 13:50:55
Created on:2014:03:23 13:50:55
Software:NEX-6 v1.02
AF Area Mode SettingCenter
AF Point SelectedAuto
Auto Portrait FramedNo
Brightness Value6.08359375
Color Compensation Filter0
Color ModePortrait
Color SpacesRGB
Color TemperatureAuto
Components ConfigurationY, Cb, Cr, -
CompressionJPEG (old-style)
Creative StylePortrait
Custom RenderedNormal
Digital Zoom Ratio1
Distortion CorrectionOff
Dynamic Range OptimizerOff
Exif Version0230
Exposure Compensation-0.3
Exposure ModeAuto bracket
File FormatUnknown (3 3 1 0)
File SourceDigital Camera
Flash Exposure Compensation0
Flash LevelNormal
Flashpix Version0100
Flexible Spot Position0 0
Focal Length In 35mm Format0 mm
Focus ModeManual
Full Image Size4912x3264
HDROff; Uncorrected image
High ISO Noise ReductionNormal
Image Size4912x3264
Image StabilizationOff
Intelligent AutoOff
Interoperability IndexR98 - DCF basic file (sRGB)
Interoperability Version0100
Lateral Chromatic AberrationAuto
Lens ID----
Lens Model----
Lens SpecUnknown (00 0 0 0 0 00)
Lens TypeE-Mount, T-Mount, Other Lens or no lens
Light SourceDaylight
Long Exposure Noise ReductionOff
Metering ModeCenter-weighted average
Multi Frame Noise ReductionOff
Picture EffectOff
Preview Image Size1616x1080
Recommended Exposure Index100
Release ModeExposure Bracketing
Resolution Unitinches
Scene Capture TypeStandard
Scene ModeStandard
Scene TypeDirectly photographed
Sensitivity TypeRecommended Exposure Index
Sequence Number1
Soft Skin EffectOff
Sony Model IDNEX-6
Thumbnail Offset36956
Vignetting CorrectionAuto
WB Shift AB GM0 0
White BalanceDaylight
White Balance Fine Tune0
Y Cb Cr PositioningCo-sited
Zone MatchingISO Setting Used