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full moon
Nikon D7000
Newport State Park

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120929 1826 0015f

120929 1826 0015f
My most-viewed photo on Flickr, by far. As I upload this, this photo has over 3400 views on my Flickr account. Somehow, I suspect that will never be equaled here.

Anyway: This was shot at Newport State Park, WI, looking roughly east out over Lake Michigan.

I had actually meant to capture the moon coming up over the horizon, except the moon phase widget on my computer lied to me and said full moon was Saturday when it was more like Sunday. So there I was, messing around with the camera, doing some test shots to get everything on the camera set right, not realizing that the moon had already come up about a half hour earlier than I expected. In retrospect, it was probably fine though. I'm quite happy with this even though I didn't get the shot of the moon edging up out of the water that I had envisioned.

Post-processed while listening to the music of Richard Strauss.