Fungi and Slime Moulds

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  • DSC02753(1)

    Puffball,3 inches across. Biggest one, others were less than 1 inches Wooded area, Armstrong Park, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK.

  • DSC02784(1)

    3 inches diam. 4 inches height. A long row of these following a tree root.

  • DSC02704(1)

    Largest bracket approx 8 inches across.

  • DSC02665(1)

    This has the texture of latex.

  • DSC02592(1)

    Biggest bit approx 9 inches across. On a tree stump in Jesmond Dene, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK.

  • DSC02542(1)

    Growing at base of a beech tree.

  • DSC02766(1)

  • DSC02885(1)

    Bracket fungi, approx 7 inches across.

  • Shaggy Scalycap

    These had just erupted at the base of an oak tree. 1-2 inches across, up to 3 inches high. I think this is Shaggy Scalycap - Pholiota squarrosa.

  • Hoof Fungus or possibly Tinder Bracket

    This bracket fungus on the base of an oak tree. 8 inches across, it is the largest of several around the tree. Fomes fomentarius (Hoof Fungus) or Tinder Bracket?

  • DSC02840(1)

    On a rotten stump in Walker graveyard, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. Largest fruit body approx 3 inches in diam.

  • 2850451051 381c0e3326 o

    Mult-tiered. 9 inches in diam.

  • 2850470875 de55098e42 o

    End of an oak log (3' across). Stereum gausapatum?

  • DSC02843(1)

    On a tree stump in Walker cemetery, these brackets are approx 8 inches across. They are all around the stump.

  • Brain funus

    Jelly-like fungi, approx 1cm across.

  • Puffballs

    Puff balls (largest 3 inches across) on tree stump in Walker Cemetery, Newcastle upon Tyne UK.

  • DSC02983(1)

    Bracket fungi on birch - seem to be a bit nibbled. Approx 10 inches wide.

  • 2974263002 f0757c639d o

    Masses of these, mainly on fallen trees. Largest approx 6cm across. Seem to favour oak logs. Plessy Wood, Northumberland, UK.

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