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  • Clouded yellow on lavender

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  • Clouded yellow in flight

  • Striped shield bug

  • Swallowtail butterfly

  • Unidentified moth

  • The sentinel

    This sheep looks like he is standing in a sentry box...

  • Dartmoor, near Burrator reservoir

  • Cat in a stubble field

  • Common darter on currant bush

    This darter landed on a (dead) white currant bush and, obligingly, allowed me to photopgraph it from all angles. It occasionally darted off to hunt, but always came back to the same perch. Unfortunately, i didn't manage any in flight shots... This summer…

  • Common darter

  • Common darter detail

  • Copper underwing moth

    I found this one in the greenhouse, amongst some empty plant pots

  • Red tailed bumble bee?

  • Straw dot moth

    straw dot moth, rivula sericealis

  • Southern hawker up close

    I think if I'd gone any closer to this dragonfly, the lens hood would have touched her. My husband suggested that this might have been one of the dragonflies that emerged from our pond, so it thinks I am Mum :-) View in larger sizes to see the details i…

  • Our first fritillary!

    This silver washed fritillary is the first fritillary we have seen in our garden - very exciting. Another shot in the note, top left

  • Comb from a destroyed wasp nest

    Once the wasps had abandoned this bit of comb, I was finally able to get a bit closer. Nice to see where the surface layer of my garden furniture went to...

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