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There is a line...

There is a line... which these creatures stop looking like Big Spiders and start looking like small tarantulas. This thing is too big, and hovering on a tiny scrap of web straight over my dining room door so I have to keep walking under it. I stood on a chair to get up high for this shot. The camera flash is reflecting off its eyes.
These big ones seem to like my house. Fortunately I have a spider control mechanism in place... the last one of these giants I met was twinkling across the floor, and behind it, also twinkling across the floor, came Squeaky, and with a sudden flurry of more enthusiastic leaping and bouncing than is generally to be seen from her, she hurled herself at the monster spider and ate it whole. And then sat and licked her lips like a very happy cat. Well done to her. This one would be well advised to stay up there near the ceiling.