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  • Young family

    Parent swans with four new little ones, seen earlier in the summer (and seen but not photographed, more recently, still with all four babies looking well). In the other shot you see one of the parents tending to them while they were still eggs.

  • Looking after the nest

    Adult swan with four eggs - later to become the little fluffy swans in the other shot.

  • Blue and green... and sparrow!

    I could hear him for a while before I spotted him. He watched me watching him, but he had a good place to sit and wasn't going to move to avoid me.

  • Early summer

    May and June are the nicest times of year in the countryside. This stuff grows all along the paths and looks lovely. It's probably cow parsley (Queen Anne's lace), but there a quite a few similar looking things...

  • Hidden in the reeds...

    One of several chicks - most likely moorhens. They headed for cover when they saw me.

  • All in yellow


  • Hello tadpoles!

    There aren't many around in the ponds this year. The erratic weather through the spring may be the cause of that, but in this pond they are doing well and looking a big healthy lot.

  • Catkins?

    Well, they're in the category of things I loosely refer to as catkins, anyway...

  • Out for a walk

    We have been having some marvellous weather, and some less marvellous weather. I like the variety and it's been nice getting out and about after such a cold harsh spring.

  • Chinmeys...

    These are two pictures of the same chimney stack in Whitby. I was trying to get a view showing all the metalwork on those pots, but couldn't see clearly. They must be cowls of some sort though. Amusingly, in the shot looking at them from more or less t…

  • Hidden garden

    Vertical gardening must be common in Whitby, along with vertical everything else, too! Here looking down into a small garden hidden between some buildings.

  • Herring gull

    One of Whitby's many gulls, this one was watching me watching it. They seemed to be enjoying the breeze for flying, but too fast for my camera! I like herring gulls, they're handsome birds. I recently read they're in decline though.

  • It's a fish tower!

    ...or something like that. It's a clock tower, with a fish weathervane, on what I think is the Town Hall, in the market place in Whitby. A very handsome weathervane. It would appear the clocks are not telling the same time. Interesting.

  • Looking down...

    (Continuing now to post my Whitby pictures, I seem to have been at the top of the 199 steps when I got distracted from posting them, so perhaps it's time to climb back down...) At the foot of the stairs were a selection of places to have ice cream, which…

  • The 'fish tower' again...

    Looking across the rooftops towards the clock tower with the nice fish weathervane on it, but with the fog, it's not so clear as it might be.

  • The Endeavour

    The Endeavour - the tiny one - coming in to Whitby through a fine collection of lighthouses, to drop of another group of passengers and pick up some more. ---------- And just a couple of days ago, on the news, I saw film of a full size Endeavour arriving…

  • The quayside

    A photograph taken (and now posted) almost entirely because I like the arch shape under the staircase.

  • Looking up...

    Whitby's famous steps.

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