Otto Magus

Otto Magus

Posted on 09/06/2014

Photo taken on September  6, 2014

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The Manor Reborn

The Manor Reborn
... and so it came to pass that an atomic bomb fell from the pocket of a passing giant and completely obliterated Magus Manor.

Fortunately Otto had a tent made from the skin of an arctic buffalo. With this strapped to his back, he and his faithful hound Drake roamed the countryside surrounding their now nonexistent home. At night they would pitch camp and Drake would go hunting, invariably returning with a squirrel or a rabbit or a small child. These they roasted over an open fire, all the while singing songs of flatulence and the absurdity of life.

One morning Otto awoke to see smoke signals in the southern sky. He deciphered the message which was from his German great uncle Baron Futur Magus. Futur had discovered in a cave an ancient manuscript which described a rite to ressurect the Manor.

Our fearless duo hitchhiked a ride on an iron bird and arrived at Baron Futur's mansion by teatime.

The rite involved a preliminary period of fasting followed by drinking a foul-tasting broth made from peruvian dungvine. This caused a protoplasmic blob to appear, wiggling it's tentacles.

"Achtung, Blob!" exclaimed Futur "Please restore Magus Manor to it's former glory".

"Done" said the blob.

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