• High Force

    This shot is taken from the opposite side of the river high up a cliff top vantage point, following a beautiful walk along the banks of the River Tees from Low Force to High Force.. nice day for it too.

  • High Force Over the Edge

    Another shot of High Force, this time taken looking down the mouth of the waterfall - one slip here and me thinks my camera might not work afterwards - or me..

  • Low Force

    The baby Force further down the River Tees from High Force - this is a two stage water fall, with this shot being of the upper stage, as I was stood really near it. Although again it is not at its biggest.

  • My Beloved at High Force

    Patiently waiting while I wander around taking shots, My Beloved chills out enjoying the view and the sound of all that water tumbling over the cliffs above.

  • High Force

    Been coming here since I was a young man, and enjoyed the roar of High Force in Teesdale. This shot is one of the few times I have seen it at a low ebb - its still loud, but not like it can be.

  • High Force Panorma

    This is a Panorma captured on my iPod Touch of High Force during my recent visit, and while its not perfect, I think it gives a decent perspective that other images just cannot give. Hope you enjoy.