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Have Some Tea. aka Doom & Gloom in the UK. The kindly Cockney Care Bear is offering tea & sympathy to a poor refugee from the End-Days DisUnited Kingdom. The poor expat is severely traumatized by a recent encounter with the Clown-In-Chief and some of his most sinister and/or moronic stooges, sicari and axe-men (and women!). We wish him a speedy recovery and an easier life in his new sanctuary.

Steve Bucknell, William Sutherland, Spotomy have particularly liked this photo

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Oh dear again, dear Dodo!
I just wonder where the albino bear is, the dishevelled one, the one they call Boris.
3 days ago.
dolores666 club has replied to Spotomy
Hey, Dr.Spot! :-)
Re. Boris. He be no bear. Bears are nice and dignified and beautiful and strong and, occasionally, cuddly. The Boris Beast is ugly and nasty and stupid and so incapable of organizing a piss up in a brewery that he has to resort to malevolent power-behind-the-throne demented puppets like don Dominico.
PS. Do come back to us, dear Dr.S. You have been sorely missed, mate.
2 days ago.
Spotomy has replied to dolores666 club
I happened to see the cumberbatched film about the comings of mr. Cummings, and it was undoubtedly, err... interesting. Hail to the power of slogans!
32 hours ago.
 William Sutherland
William Sutherland club
Superb work! Stay well!

Admired in:
3 days ago.
dolores666 club has replied to William Sutherland club
Thank you darrrrrrrlink!
2 days ago.
 Steve Bucknell
Steve Bucknell club
Things are bad. Time for tea. Cheers.
2 days ago. Edited 2 days ago.
dolores666 club has replied to Steve Bucknell club
Things is blooming awful... 'ave another cuppa, me ol' china.
37 hours ago.
 Dutt Changgle
Dutt Changgle club
typhoo or builders in bags?
milk or nondairy creamer?
realemon or real lemons?
8 hours ago.
dolores666 club has replied to Dutt Changgle club
In dire emergency cases like this one, pure Ceylon, black with heaps of sugar. Better still: a large tot of Spanish brandy. Olě!
3 hours ago.

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