Posted on 08/07/2018

Photo taken on September 10, 2018

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For Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
Again. And again. And yet again. Today and forever. Lest we forget.
Please feel free to write your own complementary set of curses along an imaginary dotted line. As imaginary as the “reasons” given 73 years ago by the grisly Truman creature, and all the other meat puppets who came after him, for dropping the bombs that killed, all said and done (and this a very conservative estimate), well over 200,000 civilians at one stroke. Well, two strokes, if you want to be fussy. Not to mention the ones who died, slowly and agonizingly, of radiation burns and poisoning.
I know I repeat myself but…A pox on “Them” all!

“Ahab is forever Ahab, man. This whole act’s immutably decreed. ‘Twas rehearsed by thee and me billion years before this ocean rolled. Fool! I am the Fates’ lieutenant; I act under orders.” – Herman Melville, Moby Dick

“The greatest evil is not now done in those sordid ‘dens of crime’ that Dickens loved to paint…But it is conceived and ordered (moved, seconded, carried, and minuted) in clean, carpeted, warmed, and well-lighted offices, by quiet men with white collars and cut fingernails and smooth-shaven cheeks who do not need to raise their voice.” – C. S. Lewis, author’s preface, 1962, The Screwtape Letters

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William Sutherland
William Sutherland
Fabulous work!

Admired in:
4 months ago.
dolores666 has replied to William Sutherland
Thanks William. + an xtra one because of the "sensitive" subject.
4 months ago.
John Oram
John Oram
I am of the view that everyone should visit Hiroshima and/or Nagasaki and I shall certainly visit at least one when I visit Japan. The moral obligation is the same as that to visit at least one of the concentration camps - I have been to Dachau and Auschwitz/Birkenau. We might all reflect on what is called, almost glibly, mans inhumanity to man.

It is at once terrifying and depressing that there are people dotted around the world who actually think that you can have a 'justified' nuclear war, a 'nice' nuclear war or a 'limited' nuclear war. So that would be 'limited' to just this one fragile planet then, huh? I grew up in the Cold War and I am a keen student of history. I can hardly assimilate the deluded arrogance of the bunker concept - or even that of the survivalists today. You would go into a bunker because you're 'important' or 'valuable' and emerge to what exactly? And when? You're planning to outlast the half-life of all this s**t?

No wonder aliens keep well away.
4 months ago.
dolores666 has replied to John Oram
The aliens know what's what, what!
Thanks John.
4 months ago.
And thanks, Dude!
3 months ago.