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The Revolution has been postponed again, courtesy of the Scottish vote, a perfectly futile yet hideously expensive Brexit, the Strumpet presidency (not that a Clinton one would have made any difference, I hasten to repeat for the Nth time), another incompatible coalition here at home, the sad fact that neither the Guardian nor Rupert Murdoch have spontaneously combusted for shame, the hysterical rise-and-rise of rampant misogyny and this latest abominable practice of incinerating the redundant Great Unwashed in their own homes. (Je suis Grenfell, anyone?)
Postponed. Not cancelled. That's what the little carrier Pigeons of Discreet Doom have come to tell Rosamond "I Care Only for Trees" Delany (twin sister of the Wibble Joggler) and her companions, the Keepers of the Forest Primeval. Look, they say, things are pretty fucked-up, granted, but look closer. The slave corporate media is in disarray; independent news and commentary outlets are mushrooming exponentially*. Jezza's still alive and kept in place by the young and the very young. Vlad the Impervious is being breezily and brazenly sarcastic in public. Theresa May is shooting herself in the foot again and again, currently by allying herself with the hell-bred heirs of the Ranting Reverend Ian "The Dogwhistler" Paisley, and soon to be dead meat, see if she doesn't. And there's still plenty of good women out there; many of us in the wilderness, true, but still we are here, there and everywhere. Rosamond is incandescent; she is the impatient type and thinks that all this waiting-waiting is very bad; and it’s getting on her tits as well. She's on the verge of stamping her foot and saying "Well, I'll be damned!" The little Mafioso worm is more philosophical about the whole sorry affair. "Life is long...” he muses.
*And here's my latest discovery:

Dutt Changgle, Risa Profana, John Oram have particularly liked this photo

9 comments - The latest ones
╰☆☆June☆☆╮ club
Thank you for sharing your exceptional creation with us,
here in ✴ Digital Dreams ✴
2 years ago.
dolores666 club has replied to ╰☆☆June☆☆╮ club
Many thanks June.
2 years ago.
dolores666 club
Thank you John.
2 years ago.
 Risa Profana
Risa Profana club
Me gustaría tener el optimismo del gusanito mafioso ;)
2 years ago.
dolores666 club has replied to Risa Profana club
Y a esta menda, cariño. Pero para eso hay que ser gusanito (no necesariamente mafioso). Tienen un concepto de la vida tan lúcido, se saben tan vulnerables y tan poquita cosa que para ellos una semana es una semi eternidad. Y además se lo toman todo un poco a chunga, benditos ellos.
Un abrazo de oso, que se te hecha de menos por estos barrios iperniticos e inciertos, oye.
2 years ago.
Risa Profana club has replied to dolores666 club
A veces se convierten en mariposas cuya vida es más efímera aún... :)
Paso por aquí cuando le puedo dedicar un buen rato a mirar y no muchas veces lo tengo así. Se me va mucho tiempo revisando las redes por las cuestiones políticas del país, para darme cuenta de que no sirve de mucho. En mi taller trato de trabajar a diario y me desconecto. Eso cuando no estoy haciendo oficio o asistiendo a marchas, ja!
2 years ago.
dolores666 club has replied to Risa Profana club
Lo bueno si breve, dos veces bueno, decian en mis tiempos mozos. Y ademas, efimera, si pero... que esplendor, no?
Yo tambien me desconecto con mis garabatos. Si no fuera por ellos ya estaria criando malvas desde hace tiempo.
Bueno, cuidado con esas marchas, titi. Que no te me hagan pupa los monos.
Otro abrazo y gracias por la presencia, que me subio el nivel de endorfinas y tal. :-)
2 years ago.
 Dutt Changgle
Dutt Changgle club
2 years ago.
dolores666 club has replied to Dutt Changgle club
Bless your red socks, dear one. :-) + XXX
2 years ago.

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