Posted on 03/31/2016

Photo taken on March 31, 2016

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(This is for the folks at the Met Office and the Maritime and Coastguard Agency.)
I have a dream. I'm sitting by the sea, listening to the shipping forecast, musing dark musings and watching time trolling past, when a colossal and kindly sea serpent called Teresina, like my maternal grandmother, pops out of the primeval depths and makes me an offer I can't refuse.
PS. The two little apprentices accompanying the sea serpent are a strange tribute of sorts to the tactical PR nous of those bible-bashers that materialize on my doorstep occasionally. Invariably, they have in tow a couple of impossibly cute small children that, also invariably, stop me from telling the godbothering adults exactly what I think of their highly refusable offers to save my black soul. I just tell them I'm a Buddhist or a Post-Lapsarian Anabaptist or, my favourite, a certified agent of the local Jesuit branch. They don't like that one one tiny little bit, they don't, and they bugger off double quick.

Lorenzo Kjell Salmonson, Kostas Papantoniou have particularly liked this photo

Quite clever tactics your local evangelists have! I better they haul children around exactly for what you wrote, as a shield. Technically, of course, they are just having a nice family promenade, otherwise they'd be prosecuted for using child-labour. Perhaps everyone should offer the children truckloads of candies, so that they'd have to leave the children home in order to save their teeth?
2 years ago.
dolores666 has replied to Spotomy
On a particularly stroppy day, I'd call it child abuse. But yes, it's kind of effective. Even while I think that the kiddies will, in all probability, grow to be as bad, fanatic and intolerant as their parents, all the same, it will never do to shock them. Life and the world will do that in any case. And yes, I have thought of offering them tons of teeth-rotting sweeties, but the Jesuit mention works quite as well. I have a pal on Flickr that tells them he's a follower of Germanic Neopaganism. He says that that works a treat. I love the idea and I may nick it and next lot will get the shpiel of how I was just about to go hang myself upside-down on a branch of Yggdrasil or some such like. :-) PS. How's life treating you, my dear Doctor?
2 years ago.
Thank you for sharing your exceptional creation with us,
here in ✴ Digital Dreams ✴
2 years ago.
dolores666 has replied to ╰☆☆June☆☆╮
Many thanks, June.
2 years ago.
Thanks Kostas.
2 years ago.