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Alvaschein - St. Peter Mistail

Alvaschein - St. Peter Mistail
St. Peter Mistail is the church of a former nunnery, located very secluded near the entrance to the "Schinschlucht", a 9kms long gorge. The building is (one of only two) Carolingian "three apses"-churches in Switzerland (Muestair is the second). It is known since 823, when it was mentioned in a letter to Louis the Pious.

The nunnery existed here upto 1154. the church is owned by the parish of Alvaschein since the 14th century. The buildings of the convent got lost over the centuries.

Archeologists proved in the 1960s/1970s, that the existing church was erected on the foundations of an even older one around 800. Even some Carolingian frescoes were found. That means it is about as old as the buildings in Muestair.

The frescoes seen inside the church today are not Carolingian, but younger. A few older traces can be found behind the altar. The pretty complete frescoe in the central apse is dated to the early 14th century and is Gothic.

Here are the Magi - adorating in Bethlehem.
Mary is crowned like an empress, the Magi here are blond kings. While a century or two earlier, the Magi have some "exotique" touch, coming from far away, now they seem to be in a line with the ruling kings in Europe.
This is a part of political propaganda, created by medieval spin doctors. If the Pope had a line to Saint Peter, then the Royals should have one to the Magi.