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Missionari del Preziosissimo Sangue
Diocletianic Persecution
Abbazia di San Felice
Giano dell'Umbria
Missionaries of the Precious Blood

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Giano dell'Umbria - Abbazia di San Felice

Giano dell'Umbria - Abbazia di San Felice
A legend tells, that where the abbey is, about 2 kms north of Giano dell'Umbria, Saint Felix (= San Felice), first bishop of Massa, had a small oratory built in the early 4th century. After he became a martyr during the Diocletianic Persecution, his followers buried the saint here. Probably already during the 8th century a convent existed around the tomb.

The church dates to the 12th century, erected when this was a Benedictinian abbey. Today the abbey is used by the "Missionari del Preziosissimo Sangue" ("Missionaries of the Precious Blood"). This society was founded here by Saint Gaspar del Bufalo in 1815.

The crypt, below the choir, has a nave and two aisles. A crypt existed here probably already, when the preceding church got replaced by the current one within the 12th century. The capitals here are roughly carved and it looks like some of them got reused.

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