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Saint Pierre d'Échebrune

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Échebrune - Saint-Pierre

Échebrune - Saint-Pierre 

Échebrune is a small village (pop. ~500) neighbouring Biron and Avy. The Saintonge region is so rich in wonderful Romanesque buildings...

Saint-Pierre was erected within the 12th century, but the church suffered from severe damage during the Hundred Years War, the Wars of Religion and the vandalism of the French Revolution. The crossing tower and the large Gothic apse are rebuilt, but the western facade, seen here partially, and the nave are Romanesque, dating back to the 12th century.

The many graffiti, carved into the walls of the facade and the nave are probably from the time of the great pilgrimage 12th/13th century.

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Judith Jannetta
Judith Jannetta
Gives a wonderful sense of history and the passage of time
2 years ago.
While I can understand worldly orientet revolutionaries hating the clegymen and thoughtless bored little schoolboys leaving simple scratch drawings and initials in churches, I have to wonder about pious pilgrims. Where they not expected to buy and leace manifactured votive items and otherwise treat the surfaces as sacred and off limits?
2 years ago.
Martin M. Miles (on the road again)
Martin M. Miles (on…
Pilgrims left many graffiti all along the "chemins". There were probably two raesons. One was to get a kind of blessing (see the carved in horseshoes eg in Pons), the other was probably, what is called a "tag" today. They could not write their initials in medieval tiems, but they could create an image.

Some scratched the stones (or drilled holes) to get some powdered material from the sacred church. These powders were used as a medicine.

Here is one of the many horseshoes in Pons:
2 years ago. Edited 2 years ago.
Sonja has replied to Martin M. Miles (on…
Church powder medicine? Clergy should have acted on the demand, gotten some builder shop leftovers to bless, grate up and sell pinch by pinch at the church door...
2 years ago.
Martin M. Miles (on the road again)
Martin M. Miles (on…
Do you remember the pierced whalebone in Gandersheim?
The material out of that bone was used to produce pills against
2 years ago.