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Caen - Saint-Nicolas

Caen - Saint-Nicolas
Caen was a settlement already in Roman times, but prospered, when
William the Conqueror (aka "William the Bastard") built a castle here. When William married Matilda of Flanders (~ 1051) a papal ban was issued at the Council of Reims on the grounds of consanguinity. In 1059 Pope Nicholas awarded dispensation, after William and Matilda agreed to found to monasteries as penance.

Saint-Nicolas (aka "Saint-Nicolas-des-Champs") was not part of the two famous monasteries founded by William and Matilda. The erection of Saint-Nicolas started within the 11th century and it got built, rebuilt and remodeled over centuries. It was used as a parish church, but after the French Revolution it was used as a stable for the cavalry for some decades.

The facade with the narthex was never completed.