Neato Coolville's photos

  • Mother 82 Years

    Uploaded for the Vintage Photos Theme Park group. The inscription on the back, "Dec. 25 1958 Mother 82 Years." Check out the cool toys next to her. I especially like the space vehicle! I'm not sure where or when I picked this photos up.

  • World's Finest Woman

    I only have a few snaps of people reading comic books, but this one is probably my favorite. She's reading World's Finest #84 from 1956. Check out the stack of comics behind her!

  • Ozark Cookout

    This was probably taken somewhere in the Missouri Ozarks. I think I bought this in Eugene, MO.

  • Smoking Man Walking On Street

    Uploaded for the Vintage Photos Theme Park group. I've had this real photo postcard in my collection for many years but I think I found it at an antique store in Kansas City. No identification on the back, so I wonder if this was snapped on a KC street. L…

  • Geneoscope Glasses

    1950s for 3D television.

  • Blue Spaceman

    I feel like I just landed on a new planet. It kinda feels familiar, but yet very strange at the same time. I'm not sure how much I'll use ipernity, but I still want to stay in contact with all the neato people who came over here from...that other place!