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  • Petroleum Pete 1933

    Petroleum Pete - as angry a mascot as you'll encounter - adorns this 1933 Century of Progress giveaway booklet.

  • Home of 1000 Animals, Lake Placid, N.Y., 1969

    "Home of 1000 Animals" was a tourist attraction that was part of the Sterling Alaska Fur and Game Farms, with locations in Lake Placid (as seen here) and Ausable Chasm, New York. According to the sign, there was "No Place on Earth Like This," and many tou…

  • A Memento of a Visit to a Sherwin-Williams Paint Store

    "We're happy to present you with this memento of your visit to Sherwin -Williams, your best buy in paints. Bear Brand, finest sandpaper and tape. Picture attached with 941 Bear double-face tape."

  • Teepees and Trading Post at Wigwam Village Motel No. 2

    See also Braves Restroom at Wigwam Village Motel No. 2. I bought these two small and somewhat blurry photos a couple of years ago. They were taken at one of the Wigwam Village Motels designed by Frank Redford, probably motel #2 in Cave City, Kentucky.…

  • Allstar Travel Motor Lodge

  • Santa's Village found photo

    This isn't a new post, but still wanted to share with Vintage Photo Theme Park (theme: Cat-eyed glasses). This found photo has a Kodacolor photofinishing stamp dated Oct, 1961 on the back. It was undoubtedly taken either at Santa's Village in California…