Dual 69-kv transmission tower

Bellevue, Nebraska

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Dual 69-kv transmission tower

Former NPPD dual circuit 69-kv tower line that once connected the Kramer Station (now gone) with the large Sarpy County substation on 36th street (Replaced by a much newer substation by OPPD).

Former NPPD 69-kv Line

Here the 69-kv tower line is coming up out of the Missouri River valley. There was an elementary school to my left, and a big protective dog in the yard behind the school! He ran across the broad utility right-of-way to let me know this was his turf! Good dog!

Morning in Bellevue, Nebraska

I am looking south on 30th street in Bellevue, Nebraska. This kind of scene at one time could be seen all over the Omaha area. Most of the z-frames (wishbones) have been replaced by poles of narrow right-of-way construction.

OPPD 30th & Chandler Rd Sub

This is a 69-kv/ 13.8-kv OPPD distribution substation at 30th and Chandler Road in Bellevue, Nebraska. This one still has the 13.8-kv switchgear outdoors rather than in an enclosure. Almost a throw back to the 1950s and 1960s!

Former NPPD lines

Memories! The left-hand power line on wooden H-frames was once operated at 115-kv. I think this particular line once connected the Kramer Station with a substation at Fremont, via the Sarpy County substation. I believe it has been downgraded to 69-kv.

OPPD Bellevue Substation

This is an unusual (for Nebraska) in-line 69-kv substation! The tower line runs through it, while the former 115-kv line terminates here.