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Edwin Jones

Posted on 10/28/2011

Photo taken on October 15, 2011




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London Riverside Night Colours {EXPLORED October 28 2011}

London Riverside Night Colours {EXPLORED October 28 2011}
The Shot

This view was taken from the South Bank of the Thames. The area is part of the London Riverside More London Development. The building in the foreground is the Offices of a Charity, Teach First. In the background is City Hall and behind that is Tower Bridge.

The picture was taken with a Sony A700 with a Sigma 10-20 wide angle zoom at 10mm. Taken on a tripod. 3 raw images 2EV spacing. Opened in Photoshop first and each image noise reduced with Noiseware Pro and saved as tiffs


Outputted in Photomatix to detail enhancer. Click the Camera name top right for Exif details and the settings used. With this shot even more than usual the greatest degree of improvement in the image was in the subsequent adjustments in Photoshop.


The objectives of the processing here were to first to reduce a green cast. This was visible in the original and increased with contrast adjustments such as levels. It is caused when the Cameras White Balance is not able to cope with many different light sources in night photography and gets it a bit wrong. The processing was also to substantially enhance the colours in the building. These were present in the lights in the original images but only to a small degree. This was in addition to the usual contrast and sharpness increases applied selectively

General adjustments in levels and curves to enhance. Layer masks used to exclude highlight areas

Vibrance layer reduced 12 points

Saturation adjustment layer greens decrease 85 points and hue 12 points towards the blue end to remove green cast.

Second saturation layer master applied with a layer mask and a brush at differing opacities to increase saturation in the buildings and trees.

Photo Filter layer mask magenta used to cut out green cast further

Photo Filter layer mask yellows used to increase warmth in some of the lighting

Original image 0V copied in as new layer with layer mask and used to change the over blue colour of City Hall.

Original image -2EV copied in as new layer with layer mask and used to darken the sky

Noiseware Pro

Unsharp Mask a little sharpening low radius and higher amount.

Duplicate layer with mask to apply extra sharpening and contrast with low amount and high radius to everywhere except highlights and the sky.


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