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Edwin Jones

Posted on 12/23/2011

Photo taken on December  9, 2011


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London Bus Parliamentary U Turn {Explored 23 Dec11 #6}

London Bus Parliamentary U Turn {Explored 23 Dec11 #6}
The Shot

This shot was taken on my last day trip to London on 9 December. This was taken in Parliament Square looking towards Big Ben and Westminster Bridge. The turning into Whitehall is on the left. There is a constant flow of the iconic Double Decker red London buses which supply great light trails. With lights to delay them there is a guaranteed flow of traffic trails from the traffic and buses when the lights turn green. The light trail was obtained with a 10 second exposure.

The picture was taken with a Sony A700 with a Sigma 10-20 wide angle zoom at 10mm. Taken on a tripod. . One RAW image. The image was opened in Camera Raw and 2 additional images were created at =2EV and -2Ev for a “false HDR” with each image having Noiseware Pro applied. A Photoshop action I had saved was used to create the extra images automatically. The images were saved as tiffs.


Outputted in Photomatix to tone compressor for a more realistic look. Click the Camera name top right for Exif details and the settings used.


The +2EV image was copied in as a new layer, excluded with a black layer mask and then painted back in with a white brush at varying opacities to brighten some areas. These were the building on the left and the top of Big Ben.

Another image taken with exactly the same setup a few minutes later was copied in as a new layer, excluded with a black layer mask and then painted back in with a white brush in the middle right of the picture. This removed a distracting stationary bus and some cars from the far lane and also brought in the blue light trails

General adjustments in curves to enhance with layer mask to exclude highlights.

Brightness adjustment layer with mask to bring down brightness on the clock face of Big Ben and a bright area on the far left.

Vibrance layer increase 48 points

Saturation adjustment layer was used for a slight increase in the reds to enhance the colours in the light trails.

The moon was present in the original picture but the exposure resulted in a bright star like flare. I used another picture taken at home exposed for the Moon. Then I reduced the size of the image as the original was zoomed in. Then I used the elliptical marquee tool to select the moon and a little dark sky around it. Then copied this into this image and moved it to cover the original moon.

Blur filter used in a new layer with layer mask to apply only to small area of the road middle right to bring down visibility of some distracting traffic cones.

Used filter, lens correction, custom vertical to correct verticals in the buildings and then cropped.

Healing brush with content aware in Photoshop CS5 used to remove some flare spots .

Noiseware Pro

Unsharp Mask a little sharpening low radius and higher amount.

Duplicate layer with mask to apply Unsharp Mask for extra sharpening and contrast (clarity effect) with low amount and high radius to most of the image save some highlights. The settings were amount and radius both about 40 and threshold zero.


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Merry Christmas to all