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Edwin Jones

Posted on 01/25/2012

Photo taken on January 22, 2012



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Shine Effect Car Lanzarote

Shine Effect Car Lanzarote
The Shot

This is a method of giving an enhanced shine or chrome look to a car. I tried this a few times before when I was in Lanzarote last year. It works well with HDR and is best with cars having well saturated colours and well shined already. I spotted this one in a street near my Apartments and is a hire car waiting for a well off customer. I am not too much into cars so I cannot give the exact model. I used a low angle, HDR and levels to enhance. The picture was taken handheld with a Sony A700 and Sigma 10-20 wide angle zoom at 10mm.

3 raw images 2EV spacing. To produce maxim dynamic range I used a Photoshop action to produce extra exposures from the Raw files and 7 images total at 1EV separation, each image noise reduced with Noiseware Pro and saved as tiffs

The tiff files were outputted in Photomatix to detail enhancer. This was done at a darker than normal luminosity to allow for the second process

Before saving the file was processed again so double detail enhancement. Settings adjusted for best effect


The final tonemapped file was opened in Photoshop .

Car selected with quick selection tool. Adjustments with levels and curves for best effect.

Vibrance on the Car increased 19 points.

Saturation Master on the Car increased plus 30

The -2EV image was copied in as a new layer and used to slightly tone down the highlight on the car.

The selection was inverted and background turned to mono with a Black and White adjustment layer.

Layers flattened before going on to sharpening which was applied only to the car.

First duplicate layer Noiseware Pro and a little sharpening

Second duplicate layer with mask to apply extra sharpening and contrast with low amount and high radius using Unsharp mask (Clarity Effect) The settings were 34 amount and 34 radius.

The clone tool was used to remove distracting elements including a street light pole behind the car.

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