Old Gates Rubber Factory

Taken Down or Changed

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  • Old Gates Rubber Factory

    taken 1995 showing sub supplying power to building. This factory now abandoned (sub is gone).Denver,CO.

  • Refrigeration Pumps

    at Huntington Ice Plant.This plant used ammonia to make blocks of ice which were delivered by truck or people drove there to pick them up.

  • Old Electric Panel

    controlled refrigeration pumps at Huntington Ice Plant.1988

  • Tanks & Pipes

    in the Huntington Ice Plant,NY.photographed 1988.This ice plant recently taken down.

  • Substation at Conowingo

    stepped up generator output to 34.5kv.Back then, PECO owned the lines coming out.Taken 1962.

  • Old traction power transformers

    at a rotary converter sub in Pittsburgh,PA. Photographed 1990.

  • Ancient Transformers

    on the ground in Oyster Bay,NY. Photographed 1980s

  • Triangular Catenary

    New Haven RR's unique 1907 design photographed in Cos Cob,CT,1987.

  • Many Lines

    feeding substations powering the LIRR third rail electrification.Lower lines with transformers ran signal system.Power feeders removed. Pic taken 1960s.Elmhurst,NY.

  • Old Regulators

    on JCP&L 4800v line.Only two were required on a 3-ph. delta line.Photographed early 1960s.

  • 33kv Tower

    near Wantagh LIRR sub with signal lines below. That voltage was original with the 1925 Babylon Line electrification. 1963 photo.

  • 2400v Pole

    with transformers powering siren, streetlight, & railroad station.Streetlight was 1950s vintage mercury vapor unit that was the first to replace incandescent lights.

  • Old LILCO Riser

    this pothead was common on the Long Island Lighting Co.13kv lines in the 1950s. Taken early 1960s, Jones Beach,NY.

  • Old Saugerties sub

    when it was in operation,2007. CHE&G,NY.

  • BG&E poles with Transformers

    these 4kv poles were taken down later. 1987 photo.

  • Melville Sub

    a 69kv to 23kv sub using old construction methods (multiparts,single-ph. transformers) now taken down in the 1970s as 23kv & 4kv subs weren't needed anymore.

  • 23kv Step Voltage Regulator

    at old Melville 69kv to 23kv sub. Taken 1963

  • Station Service Transformers

    old Melville sub. These were cascaded. 1963 photo.

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