• Con Ed 27kv

    on Avenue H in Brooklyn,NY.Replaced old 4kv dist. lines.

  • 27kv riser

    Con Ed, Brooklyn,NY

  • Hydro building w/ Transformer

    step-up unit feeds adjacent Manitou sub.

  • Colorado Springs 12.5kv

    large 10" disks fairly common on these lines.

  • Colorado 34.5kv over 12.5kv

    a typical configuration

  • Remnants of subtransmission duty

    CHE&G had 13kv subtransmission, now its a distribution voltage as 4kv is dwindling.

  • Baby Frankensteins in the air

    not sure what they are, but these are most likely switches.PECO, New Hope,PA.

  • Litchfield Pole Sub

    must have replaced older sub.

  • Stringing New Lines

    old lines stuck on "toothpicks" as new lines are put in to avoid power interruption.CHE&G,NY.

  • Old Skirtpins

    these gray ones were common on LILCO's old 23kv lines installed back in the 1920s

  • Old Gray Multiparts

    Commonly used on Old LILCO 23kv lines, these are not the greenish blue of J-Ds.

  • Very Old Transformer

    on pole stepping down 4kv to 2400v at seminary in Lloyd Harbor. Taken early 1960s.

  • Signal Power Pole

    supplied power to LIRR signals & track circuits.Taken 1963.Lines at left are 23kv downgraded to 13kv. 69kv lines "K" shaped style once common to Long Island,NY. LIRR signals used 100hz and 25hz for their power.

  • Double 69kv Switch

    Garden City,NY. Taken 1980s

  • Looking up a switch pole

    Met Ed 34.5kv, E.Stroudsburg,PA.

  • 34.5kv to 4800/8320v pole

    Phoenecia,NY. NYSE&G.

  • Triangular Catenary

    New Haven RR's unique 1907 design photographed in Cos Cob,CT,1987.

  • New NHRR Catenary

    that replaced the old stuff, including the triangular catenary.

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