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  • Happy Christmas

    Christmas lights in Vigo, Spain Hope to be around a bit more next year! It's fun full screen

  • Disappearing

    Such an abundance of berries and wild apples this year

  • Leaf

    The heat and drought of summer caused plants to dry out in a different way from their normal autumn death. This is a leaf from loosestrife firecracker, normal a dark maroon colour

  • Little pink flowers

    I can't remember the name of this plant, but it seemed to lend itself to shallow dof, so I photographed it (from the top)

  • Willoughby Hedge oak, summer

    This is a summer version of the tree, in the notes you can see it in winter (There's someone on Flickr who has posted pictures of this tree in all months and weathers, including snow) www.flickr.com/photos/wiltscat/albums/72 157601803232572

  • White horse from below

    It has a rather lumpen appearance I think, not really fit for galloping over the wide open spaces, but perhaps with such a splendid view, it doesn't feel the need to!

  • "They're walking on my head"

    Westbury White Horse, from Bratton Camp

  • Fence in the grass

    At Bratton Camp, near Westbury White Horse www.english-heritage.org.uk/visit/places /bratton-camp-and-white-horse/history

  • On Dartmoor again

    Taken from near Hound Tor, Haytor in the distance

  • Fencepost on Dartmoor

    Photoshopped version of my previous upload - any thoughts on this?

  • Bracken and fencepost, Dartmoor

    HFF everyone

  • Not much left

    Once there was a fence.... Suddenly it feels more like autumn than summer!

  • Brown argus, Roche Court

    A first for me Click and go for large

  • Common blue butterfly

  • Harvard Warbird, Compton Abbas,

    Another plane taking off at Compton Abbas. The clump of trees on the skyline below the plane is the top of Win Green, the highest point on Cranborne Chase. You can see a nice image of it here by my contact Werner

  • G-AZLE - BOEING STEARMAN, Compton Abbas

    Taking off Haven't been taking many photos recently, and haven't felt like Ipernity, but having spent a great few hours with friends today, watching little planes taking off and landing, I thought I'd post this.....and will try to get to look at all my c…

  • Another backlit one

    HFF everybody

  • Emerald damselfly

    Click and go for the full screen version!

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