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  • Old breakwater

    I guess a breakwater is a kind of fence HFF everybody Does it remind you that you need to make a dentist appointment?

  • In the dinner queue

    Waiting their turn at the feeders in our garden

  • The couple on the beach

    Sculpted by the waves. The decayed breakwaters on this beach are full of wonders Go for the big version, click on it

  • Good morning

    Calshot breakwater face

  • Over the hills...

    For Macro Mondays: zip Try it full screen

  • Christmas comes to the Pheasant

    For TSC, sub framed. The best I could come up with this week. I would really like to have produced something more "found" and a little less contrived (like Amazingstoker or Puchinpappy for example), but hey ho.....

  • Beach huts blues

    For Saturday Self challenge - design an album cover

  • House at Calshot, from the beach

    A wider view of the HFF house, from the beach (I think Rapunzel was imprisoned here...) en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Luttrell%27s_Tower

  • House at Calshot

  • Net scrunchie

    For Macro Monday 2, net

  • Thanks!

    For TSC, : thankful When stuff seems to be going against me, I usually say to myself "At least I'm not a refugee", and I am most definitely grateful for all those things connected with a comfortable home, homeland etc. But when push comes to shove, what…

  • Colourful crochet icm

    For SSC - multi-coloured This is a crochet blanket I made, basically just to try out various colour schemes. I used Intentional Camera Movement to make it more colourful and interesting (this is a technique I really like). Part of the original without…

  • Dirty old town

    Another boatyard picture www.youtube.com/watch?v=-mPraO_sJ7A if you have time for a listen We've got visitors for a few days, so much cleaning, cooking and conversation, and not much computer......be back soon

  • At sea, at night

    Waves and shooting stars, perhaps

  • Slow love

    On the surface of our pond For Macro Mondays - love

  • Inside out

    My husband (and patient model) wearing a shirt made for him by his sister)

  • Pendant, TSC, jewellery

    For Saturday Self Challenge: jewellery. Like others have said above, I almost never wear jewellery, and anyway have very little. I was given this pendant about 40 years ago, and it does get a very occasional airing.

  • Red and green and fence

    HFF everyone

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