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  • Derwent bridge flood

    From our stay in Yorkshire HFF and Happy Easter, everyone

  • One of a kind - front view

  • One of a kind

    We've been in Yorkshire, partly for a friend's 70th birthday. He's recently finished this car, which he's been building for himself for the past few years. I think it's based on the chassis of a Rangerover. Will try and catch up with you all over the ne…

  • Floats and ropes

    I'll be off for about ten days. Enjoy yourselves

  • Sea urchin

    For MM2: dust I have a bit of black perspex which I like to use for macro shots, because of the subtle reflections it gives......but even if I clean it with an anti-static cloth, it always attracts plenty of dust I found this little sea urchin along the…

  • Rusty geometry

    For TSC: geometric This is a heat diffuser, to put between the flame on the hob and a pan containing something that you want to cook long and slowly

  • Star Anise

  • Fence post microcosm

    HFF to you all

  • Salisbury cathedral

    Our city was full of reporters, cameramen, police and a helicopter circling overhead, because of the news of the probable poisoning of a former Russian spy and his daughter. But walking through the cathedral close, it looked as beautiful and tranquil as…

  • Which came first

    For Macro Mondays - a hen's egg

  • Rainbow candle flame

    For TSC - a flame - I blew it gently to get a different shape. Put crumpled then smoothed foil behind for the bokeh Still thinking about last week's rainbow ideas

  • Snowdrops in a vase

    For Saturday Self Challenge: from above Have a nice weekend, folks

  • Blackbird waiting hopefully

  • Robin in the snow

    Any food under here?

  • Snow by the river

    Not much yet but I think it is coming tomorrow

  • Padlocks

    All on beach huts

  • Pencil ends

    For MM2

  • Stonehenge with rainbow

    For TSC: Make your own rainbow, any way you like Old photo, new rainbow

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