Judith Jannetta's photos

  • At sea, at night

    Waves and shooting stars, perhaps

  • Slow love

    On the surface of our pond For Macro Mondays - love

  • Inside out

    My husband (and patient model) wearing a shirt made for him by his sister)

  • Pendant, TSC, jewellery

    For Saturday Self Challenge: jewellery. Like others have said above, I almost never wear jewellery, and anyway have very little. I was given this pendant about 40 years ago, and it does get a very occasional airing.

  • Red and green and fence

    HFF everyone

  • Stourhead gatehouse detail

  • Beech avenue in autumn

  • Emperor moth

    Here's looking at you For Macro Monday:- eyes

  • Screwdriver

    For TSC: Take a photograph of an ordinary everyday item(s) in an out of the ordinary place. A place where you would not normally find the item. The sillier the better . Creativity encouraged!!! ****The added twist: give the photograph a vintage effect.

  • From our kitchen window

    Saturday Self-Challenge (11 nov 2017): Out of focus (unfocused abstract photography)

  • Fiddleford sluice wheels

    HFF everyone

  • Skeleton

  • Another beech tree

    from the beech Avenue at Kingston Lacy

  • Old Sarum beeches

    An oldie for the 'beech' album

  • Signature

    Tendril and its shadow, in bright sunlight. For Macro Monday - high key Happy Monday everyone

  • Wine rack

    For TSC: bottles

  • Misty eyed

    This is Misty our cat. She often comes to the rescue when I'm not sure what to shoot For Saturday Self Challenge: eyes It's fun on black, click if you can be bothered PS, I changed the shot, after re-reading the assignment, and realising it asked for…

  • Lily pond fence, Stourhead

    A reflection and a shadow of a fence HFF everyone

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