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  • Seen in Blandford 4

    Notices in the window of a small house in Blandford (Easier to read in a larger version!) (I'm taking a bit of a break - back quite soon)

  • Seen in Blandford 3

    Looking through my contacts' pictures this morning, I've seen quite a few cat pictures - here's my offering

  • Comma on forget-me-nots

    (Go for the large version) First butterfly photo of the year.....in our garden. Such a pleasure....

  • Fish

    For The Sunday Challenge ; use aluminium foil in any way you like The embossed fish is a Christmas tree decoration that got separated from the rest, and ended up in the photography props department!. The colour is reflected wrapping paper

  • Seen in Blandford 2

    Going nowhere For Saturday Self Challenge: bridges I had seen images of this bridge, and this week's SSC gave me an excuse to go and photograph it for myself. This bridge used to carry the railway over the river Stour at Blandford. The line was closesd…

  • Seen in Blandford 1

    We spent a few hours in Blandford Forum - it's quite quirky once you get off the main high street

  • Cheers!

    For Macro Mondays: glass

  • Abstract glass vase and rainbow

    For this week's Sunday Challenge. Not as abstract as many of this week's entries, and like others, I tried loads of ideas before going with this one. SOOC was the biggest part of it, rather than finding something abstract Best on black!

  • At home

    Our dining room, the mirror is over the fireplace

  • River Derwent flood

    More Yorkshire winter weather HFF everyone, and I think spring might just be on its way..... people's moods are lifting

  • With great care

    One of the many volunteers working on the restoration of the Sir Nigel Gresley loco at York railway museum

  • Railway Museum light,

    An old engine shed, now part of York railway museum Click on it, fill the screen

  • Daff detail

    For Macro Mondays: Easter. Daffodils are called Osterglocken in German, meaning Easter bells. So I hope this is OK. There is an egg in the notes, taken ages ago

  • Public conveniences in Ringwood

    Main picture taken specifically for this challenge. In the notes is a mirrored version of an old shot - which I really like

  • Misty's movements

    For SSC: long exposure. I waved a bit of paper around her head - which she found just about interesting enough to watch, but too boring to get up and chase! 25 seconds with ND8 filter. Another attempt - without ND filter - in the notes

  • Derwent bridge flood

    From our stay in Yorkshire HFF and Happy Easter, everyone

  • One of a kind - front view

  • One of a kind

    We've been in Yorkshire, partly for a friend's 70th birthday. He's recently finished this car, which he's been building for himself for the past few years. I think it's based on the chassis of a Rangerover. Will try and catch up with you all over the ne…

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