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At this stage of my life Japan is my favorite place to visit.

Inside now

24 Apr 2012 1 201
Here you can look in at the work being done on the castle roof. Note the very large steel beams and girders making up the 'scaffolding'.

Himeji Castle now

24 Apr 2012 238
So! Now they are repairing the plaster and the tiled roof on the castle. In Japan new. being built, and buildings ungergoing major renovation are surrounded by scaffolding. However, in this case the Japanese really outdid themselves, they built a whole building around and over the castle! The "scaffolding" includes 14 inch 'I' beams and is really a 5+ story building surrounding the castle, including elevators so visitors can go up and watch the work through large picture windows looking in! So! In a year or so, when they finish the refurbishing of the castle exterior, they'll carefully remove this building they've built around it.

Himeji Castle 4 years ago

11 Apr 2007 1 1 191
Oh something like 4-5 years ago I visited Himeji and was blown away by the castle and grounds. It was Sakura time, rivers of pink petals filled as the winding low spots through the grounds. Climbing 5 stories, the sights within and without were amazing fine!

Speaking of Dandelions...

22 Jun 2012 1 1 212
I took this picture on Shikoku Island, Japan. They tell me this is the native Japanese dandelion but that it is becoming uncommon, that it is being crowed out by the more agressive occidental members of the family.


24 Apr 2012 1 204
Ahhhhh where but in Japan would you find cutest wootsy wittle rabbits holding up traffic barriers on a road construction site? I took this pic in Matsuyama, Ehime Prefecture.

Home of Hanshin (Osaka) Tigers

23 Jun 2012 1 242
Koshien manhole cover.

wood fired kilns

09 May 2012 1 3 236
This is in Shigaraki, one of the 6 oldest potteries in Japan.

Summer sun Mountain mist

23 Apr 2012 3 1 190
An ongoing battle in the mountains above Matsuyama, The sun advances and the morning mist retreats.

Boy's Day in Koshien

29 Apr 2012 1 191
On Boy's Day (now Children's Day こどもの日) the paper carp (one for each son) fly all over Japan, often atop high poles. In downtown Keshien however, they swim up the canal!

Expo '70

28 Jun 2012 2 475
Another Japanese manhole cover, this one is near Osaka and commemorates Expo '70.

Dogo Onsen

14 May 2012 1 202
In Matsuyama, on Shikoku Island, Dogo Onsen is one of the oldest hot springs (spas) in Japan, the baths having been used for over a thousand years. This present building was constructed in 1894.

fire hydrant below

Sakura in Senrioka

25 Apr 2012 2 461
Now I'm in Senrioka, about half way between Osaka and Kyoto. The evening rain leaves the manhole cover damp enough that the sakura, cherry blossom petals, stick to it while they blow away from the pavement surrounding it.

Early Japanese Typewriter

06 May 2012 220
OK picture a typewriter with over 3000 keys! Each of those little squares is a separate kanji, except for the ones that are katakana or hiragana.. Seen at the town museum in Toon City, Ehime Prefecture, Shikoku Island, Japan

another manhole cover

Obasan and Sakura

01 May 2012 1 231
Datesan (pronounced Dah tae san) and Kumikosan enjoying the Sakura flower storm, -the blowing cherry blossom petals. On Shikoku Island, in the hills above Matsuyama.

Manhole cover

01 May 2012 1 515
This is much more interesting than one that says 'Detroit Ironworks' or some such.

Matsuyama Manhole cover near Toon City

01 May 2012 1 564
It's a rainy day here in Senrioka and I have an internet connection, -a good time to upload a few pictures

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